Sunday, May 24, 2009

Black Newspaper Free Blog Templates

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Black Newspaper Free Blog Template.

Features :
  • Newspaper Style post
  • Magazine style (some widget can hidden)
  • Automatic Read More
  • Automatic Re-size Image
  • 3 column post
  • 2 column sidebar
  • 3 column footer
  • Search engine
  • RSS button
  • Different comment post color by Admin
  • Dropdown horizontal menu
  • Ads Banner Ready
  • Space for link Ads
  • Hidden Widget (left sidebar)
  • Nice page navigation button
  • Multi-Column

New! this is a Black Newspaper template

This template use newspaper Style post plus 'Headline News' at top of main widget (below banner ads)

This template suitable for a business blog. Has provided space for banner ads and links.

Use magazine blog template format, some widget can hidden when you open a page (you can try it).

There are some things that you need to do for use this Black Newspaper Free Blog Template, you can read at here.


Blogspot Tutorial said...

great template ..

Jaifannajah ( Al-Jailu Fatihu Linnajah ) said...

good for all

free said...

i like this template. thanks sear :)

Aaron said...

So cool ... I like this template and I used for my News blog.

Can u help me in two things. which my search box is not viisble and also I want to use the free space next to the headline news for adding adsense. I dont know how to do that? please help me............

aditya's blogsphere said...

bang.....saya make template ini...tapi kok iukuran post image diu halaman utama ga bisa kecil seperti yang dipake site ini seh?padahal di site ini kan ukuran imagenya kecil di halaman utama, kemudian setelah di klik readmore nya....baru csampe di ukuran sebenernya.....gmn cara ubahnya bang?

Anonymous said...

Olá. In my template the videos are flying through the blog. Is there any way to fix this. Example:

September 14, 2010 6:50 AM

rial said...

gambarnya ada yg missing ( Link downloadnya gak bisa..

MagentoThemes said...

This is really great black newspaper template.. These features are amazing.. I think this is the correct time of the year to give something to our valuable customers. That is what you have done here. Giving this kind of premium templates for free is really great. Thanks for this.

noleggio audio said...

I just happened to come across your blog. Nice posts. I like this one very much. This is really great black newspaper template.. These features are amazing. Thank you for taking this opportunity to chat about this.

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