Saturday, June 6, 2009

Use Read More Format

Some of our free blog templates, have already with read more format. What is 'Read More format'? Blog Templates with read more format, have a different post display. You can look at our blog templates that have already with read more format. For example, click here.

The post at home page, not display full, but show in part. Continuance of full post will appear if you click 'Read More' link at end of post (at home page)

Complete article, tricks and all about read more, you can read here.

This read more features not automatically run when you finished install our templates (which already with read more format).

So, how to use it?

Very simple. Just add this code when you write a post (at 'edit html' tab, not compose)

<span class="fullpost">


And this is the rule :

This is a post paragraph that show at home page, and will display at home page without you click 'Read More' link at bottom of your post.

<span class="fullpost">

This is a post paragraph that not show at home page, and will not display at home page. If you want to show this paragraph, you can click 'Read More' link at bottom of your post.


So, write a paragraph that appear at home page ABOVE code :

<span class="fullpost">

and write a paragraph that not appear at home page BELOW code <span class="fullpost">.

End of your post, add this code :


Its very easy. How is our templates not ready with read more format, but you interest to create it?

You can read about the tricks at

Happy Blogging with our free blog templates with read more !!

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stop dreaming start action said...

Nice tips n trick..
Success n good luck!

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